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We'd love to have you join our online community to participate in our interactive training programs, recovery toolbox, member forums, webinars, teleseminars, and much, much, more!

(Available as a 30-Day Free Trial, Monthly Membership or Annual Membership)

Online Community Members Receive:

  • Interactive Online Training Programs - which currently includes our 12 Winning Series Videos
  • Resource Toolbox - with proven tips, tools and recovery resources, such as diagrams, and worksheets, etc.
  • Member Forum - where you can receive feedback from all Transformed Hearts group members
  • Archived Videos, Webinars and/or Teleseminars - packed with hours of training on numerous recovery topics
  • Ongoing Technical Support - as you complete the built-in training programs and peruse our resources
  • Bonus Resources - such as access to the Transformed Hearts blog, book previews, eBooks, audio and digital downloads and much, much more! (Podcasting coming soon!)
  • Access 24/7 from ANY Location – You can access this content 24 hours a day 7 days a week from ANY location in the world.
  • Available on All Devices – Our online community is fully device responsive—working beautifully on computers, tablets, and phones.

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Monthly Membership (Includes 30-Day Free Trial) $37.50 USD every month
Trial 30 day trial
Sales Tax:
Due Now $0.00 USD

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